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Past Winners

Ray Solomonoff.jpg2003

Professor Ray Solomonoff
"A General System for Incremental Learning"

Leonid Levin.jpg2004

Professor Leonid Levin
"Randomness and Non-determinism"


Per Martin-Loff.jpg2005

Professor Per Martin-Löf
"Zermelo's axiom of choice: What was the problem with it?"

Jorma Rissanen.jpg2006

Professor Jorma Rissanen
"The Structure Function and Distinguishable Models of Data"



Yakov Sinai
"Renormalization Group Theory in Probability and Analysis"

Robert Merton.jpg2010

Robert Merton
"Observations on the Science of Finance in the Practice of Finance: Past, Present and Future"

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Royal Holloway, University of London
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