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The Orgainising and Programme Board consists of members of several Colleges within the University of London. The Advisory Board conists of some of the previous Kolmogorov speakers who give advice on future speaker nominations.

Organising and Programme Board

  • Kolmogorov.jpgNorman Gowar (Co-Chairman), Professor of Mathematics, a former Principal of Royal Holloway, University of London
  • Alexander Gammerman (Co-Chairman), Professor of Computer Science, Director of Royal Holloway's Computer Learning Research Centre
  • Vladimir Vovk, Professor of Computer Science, Deputy Director of the Computer Learning Research Centre
  • David Hand, Professor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics and Institute for Mathematical Sciences at Imperial College, London
  • Angus MacIntyre, Professor of Mathematics, Queen Mary College, University of London

Advisory Board


  • Per Martin-Lof, Professor of Mathematics, Stockholm University

  • Leonid Levin, Professor of Computer Science, Boston University.

Please address any correspondence to the Committee




The Computer Learning Research Centre
Royal Holloway, University of London
13-Nov-2009 / AG